Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fear Not There's Always Plan B

I feel like fact I was singing all day...
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Today err yesterday I completed my 8th chapter in my new book! YAY for me:) After being stuck for a few days and only writing a couple paragraphs at a time...I finally became unstuck and got my flow again...I think that was my first real writer's block!

I've now edited and written 8 whole chapters...Tonight I got some tips from a friend who is on a similar journey and tomorrow I bounce my manuscript off of another friend. Then the real excitement begins as I research and send off a sample to a [traditional] publisher...(if anyone has any suggestions do leave a comment!).

Back to me singing...I've recently rediscovered Ms. Randy Crawford...ohmy this woman's voice is Ah-mazingg! Love her to bits! (youtube her rendition of "Imagine" and her hit "One Day I will Fly Away" to judge for yourself)...what a haunting and soulful voice...I know I was only a wee tot when she first debuted but funny enough I remember and can sing along to most songs from the 80s and even 70s...much to the amazement of my more mature friends. I guess I'm an old soul trapped in this new world...wish I was old enough to enjoy that wonderful time in history when music was so potent and real.

Come to think of it...she may still be on tour now in Europe...maybe if I hop on a plane really quickly I can catch her in concert! lol...Seriously tonight my friend laughed at me when I couldn't stop talking about her...We took in some Jazz at the Fiesta Plaza and I got a chance to listen to Ruth Osman live for the first time...she lived up to my expectations and then some...I'm sad that I did not go to Jazz Under the Stars last weekend...oh well there'll always be next time...

Now with my pilot workshop out of the way, my book nearing completion and my first private job done, I can focus on the business of the day which in essence is to "get more business!" With the first quarter of the year over it's time to get serious and fulfil my mission for 2014 which is to inspire, create, motivate and create some more...step 1 is to find a publisher and continue with step 2 which is to send out more proposals...The year is young and I have much to do. Stay tuned to this space for more updates...and to keep me on my toes...

Have you fulfilled your 1st Quarter Goals?
It's not too late...the key is planning and following through...
Don't think about failing...there's always Plan B and C!
By June we should have made a dent in our progress for 2014!

Of course there will be rainy moments...that's part of life...but nothing some wine, chocolate and (shrimp and lobster) Fettuccine Alfredo can't cure!--(that's why I'm still awake at 2 in the morning...I'm trying to work off the latter! For an added bonus I come alive at these hours when my best work is done).

Repeat after me..."All it takes is one brave step...easy does it and now I've got it!~" Think it, Believe it and Watch it Unfold~


Peace & Love xo

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