Sunday, March 10, 2013

Six degrees of separation

“We are all connected in this life…”

I heard this line on the drive home today on a radio ad and it got me to thinking…

We really are. Some very wise people told me a few times that you should not burn your bridges. Truer words were never said. We are indeed all connected. “Six degrees of separation”  we are all separated by thin threads, you never know where you would end up, who knows you or of you or what paths you might have to cross again in life. 

Even if it’s not you yourself, perhaps your children would run into a former boss or colleague and you wouldn’t want them to encounter road blocks when that time arises. Or vice versa, tables may turn: your child or maybe you would be in a supervisory or influential position to a former colleague or boss that was once your senior! Or a customer may know someone you work with…

Life is very fluid…topsy turvy if you may. Even though you may not think that far down the road now, it may prove useful to keep this at the back of your mind as you go through life.

Beautiful sunset photo credit - C. K.Correia all rights reserved
With this being said, I think it’s time to start writing my second book…I’m running out of quotations! I feel like I’m at that place where I feel that I have more to share with the world. I’ve sold a few books and also generated interest in my new locale and the reviews makes my heart smile. 

Someone told me recently that they read it before they go to bed and they even felt so compelled to read it aloud to their spouse and after they finished one chapter….they couldn’t put it down…until they were beckoned to come to bed!

It’s really a good feeling to hear this and I feel soo humbled that God has inspired me to share my innermost thoughts so freely and that other persons are able to relate to my sentiments along my journey! It’s amazing…I almost still can’t believe it. 

On another note my audio book is nearing completion as the editing is done. So soon persons would be able to listen to voice recordings in the comfort of their home or car which adds a new personal dimension to my book. Can’t wait! Need to perfect it.

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I was witness to this beautiful sunset yesterday! Enjoy:)


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