Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tolerance is key!

Greetings all,
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It's been a busy, busy month and my apologies for my delayed posts. So much has happened. Hope all is well wherever you are. Thanks for following me Moment to Moment on my journey and welcome to all of the new and returning visitors from the USA, Malaysia, Ukraine, St. Lucia, Germany, UK and Trinidad and Tobago.
It's hard to understand the human psyche and the motivation behind the actions of others but tolerance is key to any healthy relationship. People often say to tolerant people: "You have patience of Job!" Well I wish I was on the receiving end of such a comment for once! Tolerance is not my forte but it's something I am very aware of and it's a work in progress.
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Newton was a smart man! Physics: Strange but true. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself and take an introspective look when you receive a not so positive reaction from others. Perhaps you are doing something wrong but then again, there are lots of negative and irrational people in this world that do things for no given reason! Then other times, like my parents often remind me, you don't know what that other person is going through...they may be under pressure themselves or going through an ordeal of their own.
So yes! When in doubt, remember that tolerance is key to survival. What steps can you take to practise this more:
  • Take a time out and count to 10
  • Reasoning
  • Instrospection
  • Prayer
  • Psychology
  • Discussion
Tomorrow's the start of a brand new week! Say goodbye to yesterday's challenges and make a new start. Whatever you're going through, remember this too shall pass. Sooo keep the faith, put God first, suck it up, psyche yourself up, pace yourself, laugh and Remember to Make it Count!

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