Sunday, June 17, 2012

I've come to realize...

I've noticed that I haven't been blogging substantially as much as I want to. Now is a good time as any to get back into the groove of things. I returned from vacation and quickly got absorbed back into the world of work and well life. Things have been going well for the most part. I just received my first royalties for my book...that feels great! I have been doing some reading, networking and research online and I realized that there are sooo many more writers and talented people out there! What is different however I've come to realize is how people view their world and where their inspiration comes from. Although I can't expect everyone to have the same ideologies as me, it saddens me when people don't believe that there is a God. It makes me wonder where their source of inspiration comes from. I know I could not have accomplished anything without my belief in a Higher Being and I owe everything to Him as I could never have done anything on my own. I am by no means perfect but I believe it's my faith that keeps me afloat in a world where there is soo much chaos and confusion, hatred and deceit.

With age brings reason...these are some astonishing truths I've discovered over time:

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1) I've come to realize that sometimes people fail you including family and friends but what is ever present is your faith and willpower to bring about change in your life and rise above all challenges. 

2) I've come to realize that sometimes we can be our own worst enemy with thoughts of self-doubt, fear and negative thinking where we blame ourselves for our past and present circumstance. We live in the past and allow things and people to affect us adversely. Sometimes your inspiration can come from the strangest places. You may need to step outside of your own cocoon just for a minute to get air and change your perspective.

3) What I've noticed is that: times change but people rarely do. Someone once told me a long time ago that "a leopard can never change their spots." We often expect loved ones and those around us to alter their behaviour and become more like what we would like them to be but there's a slim chance of that happening. We either love them unconditionally (with faults and all) for who they are or limit our exposure to their negative effects ---sometimes for our own sanity. This doesn't mean that we love them any less but sometimes even the most potent elixir needs to be taken in small doses for maximum benefit.

 4) Know thyself. Sometimes many years pass us by and we still don't know who we really are underneath it all. What are our true talents and purpose in this world? What are our weaknesses and our strengths?  That's why sometimes we find ourselves in the same sticky situations time and time again and keep making the same mistakes of yesteryear. Sometimes we need to take an introspective look inside so as to avoid making some bad decisions. If we have true friends to pull us back and remind us every once in a while then I believe that you have found a little angel in your midst.

5) Fear and procrastination are our biggest downfall. Sometimes we are soo fearful of the unknown that we let procrastination get the better of us. We become so stuck in a comfortable routine that we allow it to hold us back and stop reaching for our dreams. We allow what people would say if we fail to keep us back from even trying. Sometimes we need to take a little risk to gain happiness and peace overall. Therein we will find greatness.

I think I need to post this up on my wall, that way I'll remember to take my own advice;) 
Thank you God for blessing me with these insightful thoughts and wisdom.
Infinite love and thanksgiving to You alwayz.


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