Saturday, June 23, 2012


Weekends really rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. There are many things I am wishing for in the next few months...before the year ends. Most are apparent to those who know me. A change is coming and I don't know when or what exactly... but I can feel it. When change comes, it sometimes slowly creeps up on you and without even realizing it...BOOM! It's upon you. Although I can't make all of my innermost desires vocal here on this blog...I will say this...

All of our actions have repercussions and it impacts in some way our own lives or someone close to us either positively or negatively. Not all the time we realize this and we let our emotions get the better of us without thinking. Most times karma catches up with us when we least expect.

This week had it's ups and downs. Recently I feel like sometimes I am boxed into the confines of a routine I am not always happy with but then I look back and look around at all of the strides I'm making and I am thankful. When looked at in a holistic is really fabulous and beautiful with lots to be grateful for. I realize that everything can't happen all at once and things can't be all fun and smooth sailing ALL the time. Sometimes it takes baby steps to get from A to Z. Right now I think I'm at M....somewhere in the middle. Sometimes we may back peddle but most times we need to keep looking ahead and try to surround ourselves with uplifting people and engage in constructive activities that allow us to forge ahead and stay positive towards our goals. 

Optimism is a choice... It's a mindset. Depression is also a choice although in certain may feel like a disease that cannot be helped. But the mind is a very powerful thing. If you condition yourself and choose wisely what you consume (not only food and drink...but everything around us....books, people, entertainment, seminars, projects) I think there will be little time and energy for negative thoughts. Go outside...step out of the confines or shackles that bind you mentally and physically and therein you will find freedom, peace and strength to move beyond your present state of mind and make the change that you need.

I have good news to announce...I will have my second speaking engagement coming up next week. Details and photos to follow:)

Hope all is well where you are. Have a fab weekend. Till next time....Ciao. 

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