Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May is here!

So we're in the month of May!! Can you believe it? Almost mid-year...don't you remember Christmas like it was just yesterday?? Christmas, (Trinidad & Tobago) Carnival, Lent, Easter................Wow! Where did the time go!?
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My message tonight is to savour the moments...because when it's gone it cannot be recaptured. In our constant rush to get from one thing or one place to the we often find ourselves having regrets? Regrets for having missed those important milestones in our lives like: our parents 40th anniversary...or our best friend's bridal shower, our child's first word or first step...first dance recital or school play? In this technological age where everyone is connected in the virtual world, is this really enough?

True connections are ones that we can reach out and touch (no I'm not going to break into song:), give a hug, lend a hand or provide a shoulder to lean or cry on. It's about telling stories or jokes or playing a game. It's about having fun at the beach or going hiking. It's teaching a young one to count or tie a shoe lace (yourself as a parent). It's mastering the art of forgiveness and saying you're sorry or being around for that last goodbye...

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It is important to ensure that we are present for these events in our lives and not just show up. Be fully aware of the moment you are in, marvel in all it's spendour and make every second count. One day you will be glad you did as you reflect on your golden memories of a time that's irreplaceable.

As we look towards this new month of May and all that it offers...let's always remember to Make it Count!  

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