Saturday, February 4, 2012

Through the years...

Sometimes when I'm in a public place I "people watch." And at times I can't help but stare at the elderly. I've always wanted to blog about that but somehow I never got around to it...until now. When I look at them...their life flash before my eyes. I see history. I picture what it would have been like for them when they were young and what they would have looked like. What kind of life they had...spouses, children. Then I'm left with soo much sadness to see how time has brought on a whole other dimension to that person. What's even sadder is that in time I will be where that person is: aged...and some other youth will be looking at me in the same way. Sometimes I think I am too deep for my own good and I wonder if the average person thinks about these very distant and at times morbid thoughts of death and aging. For those of you that watched The Notebook or have aged parents, aunts/uncles or grandparents know what I'm talking about, especially when you look at old pictures from another time and place.

If you believe in the bible...then sometimes we may wonder how life would have been if Eve did not lead Adam to eat that forbidden fruit and people still lived to be 800 and 900 years old....not quite sure the origins of that whole aging story but just food for thought. What would we do differently? What would you do differently with your life if it was stretched out before you? Would you be caught up in vanity and "play yourself" as we say in trini. Or would you keep reinventing yourself to be the best person: daughter/son, mother/father, sister/brother, wife/husband, partner, friend, employee, citizen that you can possibly be? Would we seek to find our purpose and fulfill our true potential sharing our gifts and talents with the world? Would we cherish those persons we hold near and dear to us until it's time to part ways?

No matter how many years we are given to "live out" our time here on can we make the most of it? How many of us wish we had more time to do all the things we wanted to do...always putting off something for another day until we realize when it's too late that our time here is through? How many of us live our lives for other people...always trying to please someone else and sacrificing our own lives in the process? Some of our lives even get cut short before we are given a chance to give any of these things thought. That's why we have to live each day like it's our last and Make each Moment Count.

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