Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy 1st February!!

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Hoy is miercoles de febrero!

Wednesday...the first day of February 2012...and if you have breathe in your body then you have a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes we are so caught up in our world we forget what a blessing it is to be alive. Sometimes I myself am guilty of this, then every time I slow down long enough to commune with nature I realize how great I have it. Lots of things to be thankful family and friends. [Even the loneliest person has 1 friend I'm sure!]. Employment [although wish I can trade in my day job for a full time writing gig with paid vacations in Hawai and Paris! heheh]

Right now...our nation is preparing for The Greatest Show on earth...which is Trinidad & Tobago Carnival...I would try to keep you in the loop of what's going on in these parts. If you can partake of the festivities's definitely a "must-see" event from Panorama - steelpan, Soca Monarch, Chutney Soca Monarch, Brass Festival, Dimanche Gras, Parade of Bands on Carnival Monday & Tuesday and of course who can't forget the fetes leading up to the Big days...the all-inclusives [fetes] and the like with your fill of live bands, well-stocked bar, security and every cuisine under the sun.

On another was your day?! Mine wasn't the greatest to be honest...things didn't exactly go as planned...but you know what? I made it through the day! That's a big accomplishment...lots of people aren't as lucky. Sometimes people would help you out of a difficult situation when you need a listening ear but not all times they can help you find a permanent solution to whatever challenge or difficulty you're facing. What we fail to realize is that the only permanent solution to our problem is to take it to the Lord in prayer which I did today and that gnawing feeling immediately dissipated like magic! But no magic there...that's the power of prayer.

I earnestly intend to get even closer to Him as the year goes by. Soon it will be lent and many of us would attempt to make a sacrifice (or do without something) during this period. In this way, we humble ourselves to draw closer to Him so as to receive His spiritual gifts that manifests itself most times in a tangible way in our lives. But I'm rushing the weeks...marvel in each moment and savour every memory because this time can never come again!

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