Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Countdown!!

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The time has come again for my ole year's (as we say in these parts) ritual. I always get a tinsy bit sad and reflective as the year ends. With just one more day and a few hours remaining for 2011, I must give thanks to God for another great year. I am deeply humbled and grateful for ALL of my blessings both great and small. As I sit here on my porch having a drink of punche de creme under the moon and soaking up the last of the Christmas lights, not only at my house but in the neighbourhood I also look back on the Christmas season that passed by soo fast (in fact the entire year passed by in a whoosh! I remember last year December as if it was yesterday). In the background the silence is punctuated by passing cars and the popping of the occasional firecracker which has started already...

I must admit that when this year had just begun I was yearning for change in certain aspects of my life that I was almost positive that I was destined for before the year ended...however this was not to be :( As I always tell myself: there is a purpose for everything that happens. Fortunate for me I was able to fill my life with other things to occupy my time:) For my regular visitors to my blog, you would have witnessed this progression and transformation unfolding day by day. It was indeed a very exciting and eventful year for me. As 2011 comes to an end, I am thankful for life and all the wonderful people in it. I am grateful most of all for my health and the health and presence (and support)of my family in my life. Thanks for my friends that stayed true to me and the new people that entered my life or the ones that I got to know better and friendships forged and renewed. I am grateful for my ability to earn an honest and comfortable living. I am gratfeul for all of the simple luxuries that we often take for granted that many others may not be fortunate enough to enjoy. I am appreciative of my blessings and my gift of writing and other talents and most of all I am very grateful for my ability to share this with my readers all over the world - especially via my book Thinking out Loud that was published in the latter part of this year 2011. This was the best Christmas present I could get myself and the rewards surpass my expectations which I imagine can only get better.

I pray and look towards 2012 with hope for new blessings and memories. New people to enjoy and spend the many days with. I pray that I would be able to travel and experience new cultures and destinations that I have never before visited (and take lotsa pictures:). I pray that I will learn the lessons of 2011 and past years and take it with me in the new year 2012 and beyond. I pray that my blog and my book will help many people and provide healing for both you and myself included. I pray that I am able to live up to the expectations of my writing at every moment and be an example to others.

My resolutions are simple: that I will put the past behind me and completely let go of my tribulations, fears or unresolved feelings; that I will not let negative people or situations get the better of me; that I will let go of my anxiety for the future which is not under my control; that I would stand by my decisions and second guess myself less and of course get better control my emotions.

So as I bid 2011 adieu, I commit to learning the lessons and go boldly forward into the future with passion, fortitude, wisdom, gratitude and grace. I will remain open to ALL possibilities and welcome ALL opportunities for growth.

Wishing everyone a blessed, bountiful and abundantly rich New Year 2012 in all the ways that count - filled with peace, happiness, eternal love, humility, fortitude and wonderful people to share it with.

Many blessings to you my online readers and thanks for your readership!

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