Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day flash back...

These past few days have been blissful to say the least. Waking up late…not having to go to work…relaxing with family…food…drinks…liming…sweet! Christmas Eve and the day before was spent with my mom doing errands around town and Christmas Day was wonderful. Today is Boxing Day where I am in T&T and I just came from a lime at a friend’s house.

I am now watching American Idol reruns on YouTube, which I never before viewed on television. Wow! Never knew what I was missing…what amazing talent.

A song by Jordin Sparks made me reflect on some things my friends and colleagues said at my recent Book Launch, which was really amazing. I wish I could upload the videos…but it will have to wait until I sort out my technical difficulties. Two of them said that all of us have talent and some of us never find it or allow God to use us for the benefit of mankind. They said it’s good that I have allowed that miracle to happen. Every day I am thankful for my gifts and I ask God that I am able to stay true to Him and live my inspiration every day. Jennifer Hudson said that all she ever wanted to do was sing for the world once and because of Amercan Idol she is getting to do it more than once. That's all I ever wanted to do [with my writing] and I'm getting to do it everyday because of modern technology, determination and my readers.

Another song made me reflect on my own life and the people in it. Throughout the past few weeks I realized that so many of us carry around burdens and hurt that have been unresolved. Some of us are hiding from different things…some from ourselves, some from love…some of us are just afraid of what could be waiting for us around the corner. And I’m not only talking about physical danger but the intangible things that do not pose physical harm. Some of us are afraid of ourselves…of what lies within us…I may even be guilty of that. Sometimes what is needed is some soul searching in order to find that much needed healing to mend that space within ourselves or in our lives. That epiphany that can lead to our “moment of truth” to find the key to unlock/remove that distance we’ve been placing between ourselves and others that prevent us from letting go of our fear or in some cases our hurtful past. Sometimes we pray for an answer and we think God doesn’t heed our call but sometimes he does indeed work in mysterious ways. And although he may not bring us exactly what we want, if we look deeper we may realize that he has sent a real blessing in disguise and it is exactly what we need in order to evolve to that next level in order to find peace.

Much of what I’m saying may not make sense to some but somewhere out there, it may be exactly what someone needs to hear.

Can you relate? Please post your comments...

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