Friday, September 23, 2011

Truly a blessing~

I was just telling a friend tonight on BlackBerry messenger that it's amazing how the season can bring people together. Today was truly spectacular! It was indeed a little taste of Christmas. Everyone at my office had their radio tuned into the 100 Sweetest days of Christmas...if I turned down the volume on mine...I could hear an echo. I walked into the lunch room and the same thing...the dial was on the same station. One little initiative to launch an annual tradition is an amazing gift to the populace. It makes people happy who were once down, it adds light and joy to a room. By george, I think we're onto something here. Diverse people are suddenly on the same page. Persons had Christmas messages and pictures of Christmas trees and other seasonal festive images up all day on bbm. And on the drive home, lots of folks were calling into the radio station to thank them for sharing the holiday spirit months early with them...housewives were dancing around and singing along to the tunes while they carried on with their household duties. Offices are lit with a special "fire" and motorists were all the more happier. I could imagine the stores and malls shared similiar scenes.

As we begin our seasonal preparations let's remember the reason for the season and give thanks for our blessings, the people in our lives and just rejoice in life!

Here's another special tribute to Christmas! Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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