Friday, September 23, 2011

Nice early Christmas!!

What a nice surprise for me to turn on one of my fav radio stations and hear Christmas musiq this morning on the way to work!! Parang (spanish songs), soca parang and other nice tunes. #Sweet100 launched their annual 100 Sweetest days of Christmas!!! Luv it...that just made my day. I was happy and singing along in traffic this morning...hope other motorists did not notice:) Christmas is a magical time of year when we get nostalgic and sentimental while we remember Christmas' past and also create new memories. Yup, it's official...that time of year is near and in the air. Let's marvel in it and wake up to this wonderful, magical creation of our life!!

"Hallelujah it's Christmas!"

Enjoy....a little taste of home:)

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