Sunday, May 15, 2011

You are Legend

A few hours ago I was viewing the local leg of a Ms. Universe pageant on television and the defining moment came when one of the girls was asked the question: What does a legend mean to you? And as these three girls stood on stage wondering who was going to be the country’s next Ms. Universe representative on the global stage, I asked myself the same question…just to determine if I could answer it without fumbling (lol). And I surprised myself given my fear for impromptu ad lib. After I gave my response (to my at-home audience) I compared it with those in published sources and I realized that I have elaborated much more. So here I am to add my two cents and maybe someday I would receive accolades for adding to the corpus of knowledge J.

A legend to me is someone who by their life’s work, talent, skills, ability or lifestyle has broken down barriers and transcended race, religion, politics, class, geography and other lines that divide. Someone who does not conform to the status quo, but stands up for what he/she believes, in so doing influencing others in a positive way by creating an awareness of change for the greater benefit of mankind. That person is forever etched in time and becomes a part of history as their message pervades spatial and temporal restrictions. To go further, a legend in my mind has a message to imbue…they are usually eccentric persons that just do not blend in with the crowd…they usually have exceptional ability/talent especially in the arts and it’s quite common for them to die young after they impart their message. With that said, legends do not live an easy life. Their life is somewhat troubled, of course not in all cases, but often rather than not. That’s just my two cents as I say. Many may beg to differ but an opinion is sometimes worth a million to someone who has none.

Since we’re on the topic of legends I just have to say one thing…sparked by a few discussions over a period of time with various persons: Everyone was created equally…one should not have to worry about superficial issues that supposedly separate us (as above) when choosing places to lime (hang out) or dine or go to school or reside or whatever. Most of us live in a free country and pay taxes, we should feel comfortable going anywhere cash and all major debit and credit cards are accepted. Those legends that have gone before us have paved the way for our freedom. We should not let anyone, let alone psychological or cultural barriers prevent us from having a good time anywhere we choose. Comfort is relative. We determine our own comfort level and we owe it to ourselves…we are also entitled to that feeling of overall well-being, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Regardless of your fortune in life or what anyone says, you are a legend within yourself. When we die, someone will think we were a legend unto them. Some people may have made a greater impact within their community and in the wider world, but within our own realm we are our own legends. We have made sacrifices for people in our lives and we have loved and shared our lives with others. Some may have even influenced others by their own example or teachings. For this we are legendary. If you can make an impact on the masses --great – but not all of us can – so you ought to thank God for your abilities and talents. Be happy and content with your own contribution, no matter how small. Someone may thank you for the impact you have made on their life…even if it’s indirectly or years from now. Each day of life should be celebrated--not only on birthdays or in weeping, posthumously.

Live life so that you can be revered as legendary unto your own. ©

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