Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have you arrived at your Turning Point?

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Sometimes things happen in our lives to create an awareness and provide an impetus for change. Change is good and sometimes we are fearful or become laidback when things are comfortable. Many times we settle for just “getting by.” I have been reading the book “Rich Woman” by Kim Kiyosaki recently and this was just one of the things this week that led to my “moment of truth” as they say. There was a line in the introduction  which stated that many of us depend on others and stay in certain situations, often settling for just “ok” in life when what we really want is  “Great.” I am by no means content with just getting by, however sometimes hurdles in life prevent us from accelerating at a greater pace. I am quite pleased and proud of my achievements thus far but I believe that there is always room for more growth. It’s natural for some of us to keep wanting and striving for more until we attain that level of fulfillment.

Life is full of possibilities but those that win the race are the ones that are persistent and steadfast in their commitment to their dreams. Some may be allowed a head start due to a number of reasons, which are either hereditary, or due to luck or perhaps being in the right place at the right time –then there are others who progress through unjust means. Life is sometimes unfair but in the end it all goes according to plan. There is an old folks saying: “time is longer than twine” which simply means that time eventually catches up to all of us, regardless of what --so it’s wise to follow the rules and try to do the right thing. Life is such that you never know who is looking on and when you least expect it – the foibles that exist may be discovered and brought to light. The reverse is also true as those deserving may be rewarded based on merit, ability and hard work. We may witness certain negative practices in our work environment that we have grown accustomed to, but due to the comfort level that may exist –it goes unnoticed. However what we don’t realize is that it may be difficult to break out of those habits when the need arises and it may not auger well in other environments where propriety is enforced. It’s good to allow ourselves the opportunity to expand our horizons, so that we can have a greater appreciation for what is accepted in different environments or cultures.

Our future is dependent on our outlook and the choices we make. All of our experiences mould and shape us into stronger and more equipped individuals ready to face anything that comes our way. They have enabled us to rise above our circumstance or any setbacks we encounter. If we have reached that turning point in any aspect of our life (whether it be relationships/family, health, career, sports/hobby or business) we need to set the balls in motion for that change we desire. If we believe in something and we want it badly enough in our mind, in time it will start to take shape and materialize in our life. To those of us that are intent on reaching for the stars: there is hope yet --have faith and be persistent and diligent in your efforts and one day you will join the others who are liberated because they have believed in the dream. ©

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"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." Beverley Sills

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