Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

It's December already...and I remember when the year had just begun like it happened yesterday! Wherever is the time going...? Seems like it is just flying these days. This is just a post to wish everyone a happy December...before they get busy with the hustle and bustle of Christmas...putting up the curtains and the lights...shopping and cooking those tasty Christmas treats....and of course the merriment and holiday parties and limes.

Like the old folks say - "time waits on no man." It's true what they say. And let's hope we don't get too caught up in the preparations of the season and forget to give thanks for each and every day for we never know when this can be taken away...And last but not least we should remember to share a little something with those around us and of course the less fortunate...even if it is your time, a song, a smile or more material things for those of us that can afford it.

Again...wishing all a happy and holy holiday season filled with lots of joy, love and good tidings!
Savour every moment of this wonderful time of year.

Happy December!
These were the good ole days!! Click here to listen ----->

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