Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is something I wrote about a year or so ago on the eve a birthday (I will not say which one!)...but never posted...I think it is still revelant today and wanted to share an excerpt:

"...comparison is by no means a measure of success. To succeed is to be truly happy with what you have attained at your stage of development. Not to sound cliché but some people go through life so swiftly they do not stop to smell the roses, to really be cognizant of what this life is all about, the real purpose that we are put here for, which is to really share our joys, lessons and talents with others and to give thanks for life and give back something to the world. There is one thing that I have learnt over the years: and that is life is short, life is unpredictable and you never know where life will take you, what it may bring, and no matter how much control you think you have, the reality is that you really don’t. You can’t control people no more than you can control the weather. However, we can shape our destiny by our actions. We look to the future and we think: how are we going to make this decade better than the last? Are we going to put a limit to what we can achieve? Are we going to try to please others by doing what is expected of us? Or are we going to try to live our own life to the fullest, the way we want to live it no matter what anyone says or thinks? I believe in the latter and I think most people do too whether they decide to put into action or not....

At this point, I really accept that it is really time to take that step and let go, and embrace life’s possibilities, to let go of the past, to step out of the comfort zone and embark on a new journey. Whether we feel our purpose is to pro-create, to acquire fame and fortune, to be President, CEO or simply to leave your mark on this world by simple things, to touch everyone you meet by your actions, words and deeds so as to leave behind a legacy. Maybe it all sounds a bit dramatic, but that is all life is. Actions and reactions, repercussions of a former action: simply known as karma. Time is one of life’s simple phenomenons and this coupled with patience and a little faith, is the solution to most of our problems; the more we realize this, the faster we would achieve most of our objectives, which I am sure happiness is at the core...." (c)

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