Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Best Seller's Ranking!

Happy Sunday all! 

I wanted to wait a few days to share my good news, but I'm afraid it would go away like a dream! lol....I haven't checked my Amazon page for quite some time...and lo and behold I log on tonight to check out a friend's book and I see my Best Seller's Ranking went up by let's just say a few million and then some!

My first book Thinking out Loud is now ranked #234,275 in (Paperback) Books!! (you can check it out below). I'm now sure how this works, but I would say that's a HUGE improvement from where it was.

Thank you God and thanks to all those who had a part to play!! 

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can purchase it by visiting ( or a local bookstore near you (RIK, Charran's St. James, The Book Sauce and Metropolitan, Trinidad). 

Thanks a million and don't forget to post a review!

Peace & Love xo

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