Friday, February 13, 2015

Book #2 Update

At exactly 1:28 am this morning, I finished the second round of revisions on my new book/memoir...12 chapters, a preface and epilogue! 

I'm sooo happyy I could cry! Seriously as I read it over for the umpteenth time, I was overcome with many different emotions. But I needed to experience them all to get the closure I need and get to the next level of my journey.

photo credit - Maurice Burke photography 2011
Now I wait on my marketing guy for feedback from the sample chapters and also my editor for any remaining changes to the manuscript. Then I submit the 3rd draft to her and presto! 

It will soon be that time...I would be the author of 2 books! Whoopee....I could do cartwheels....Can't wait for you to read it! 

Thanks for joining me on my journey....Stay tuned to this space.... 

Peace & heart emoticon

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