Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just Not Meant To Be

I respect all bloggers who find the time to blog every day and come up with fresh, new content. I resumed my daily blogging in December and honestly some days it's a bit challenging. Whether due to time, obligation or sometimes just fatigue and laziness! But I'm happy to be here and share with you. 

I've run into some people that I haven't seen for a while and though the conversations were welcomed, they lacked the depth and closeness we once shared a time long ago. I have also reached out to others via social media and for some reason, my messages were lost into the great abyss. This brought me to do some reflection on the friendships/relationships I've had throughout my life.

I thought about the ones that lasted and the ones that didn't and sought the reasons why. I also marveled at how some friendships has changed over time and sometimes dwindled and died a natural death. Sometimes through no fault of mine. I do take responsibility and admit that a few were my doing.

I have been on the receiving end and the giving end. I broke things off in haste without an explanation because I thought I was wronged. I was hurt and felt at the time that I was doing the right thing for me and that/those person(s) deserved the 'treatment' that was meted out. I did not however think that the tables would turn one day with different people and situations. 

What I've Learnt 

Sometimes you can't question why people do the things they do when they do it. This will just drive us insane. The world is filled with so many people walking around with so many thoughts, leading vastly different lives with different experiences (and sometimes baggage). There's no telling what or who influences their thinking or behaviour. 

What's important is that we do some introspection and meditate on our actions. We will eventually see the answers emerge. Maybe not all at once but one day when we least expect, we will find our "peace". Many months or years may go by and the same situation may present itself in a different form until we get the closure we need.

Life has a funny way of working out. Sometimes those same people who I had cut off, have reached out and today we are still friends. So I guess the ones who are true blue will always find a way back.

For 2015 I am going to make a conscious effort to stop asking why or overthinking things. It's a very difficult thing for me to do, but it's the healthy thing to do. I will learn to accept and move on. For goodness sake, sometimes it's not worth it to stress over things that were not meant to be or not authentic in the first place. Don't you think? 

Peace & Love

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