Saturday, January 31, 2015

I Owe It All To You

Tonight I listened to authors read at the Normandie Hotel. I always enjoy this evening of tea and readings. I am in constant awe of the talent that abounds in Sweet T&T. My friend and I agreed that it inspires us to continue creating and dreaming those BIG dreams. 

This was a perfect end to what began as a tumultuous day. A family member once again pointed out to me that I should give up on my dream and get a "real job." I've come to expect it, as it has been years in the making. The root of the bitterness and venom with which it was said however was baffling as this person is over a decade my senior and doesn't even live in the same country.

In times like this I rely on my little background in psychology from college days which helps me to understand the motives of others. Our belief systems are so vastly different, such that what one person thinks doesn't affect my goals or focus in any way. It also doesn't affect my purpose nor diminishes my talent. We are all on different paths in life and our ideals are different, although not always realized.

That's why I remain thankful when my friends and strangers alike appreciate my work. I don't take it lightly because I feel like my artform has purpose. My life has meaning. That in itself is enough reward and motivation to continue doing what I'm doing. 

I'm elated that even when I travel to other cultures, persons express interest in what I do. This gives me hope to know that with the right strategic direction, I can transcend my gift to other shores in living colour. This is my bigger dream. I'm #ThinkingOutLoud again. The stars are already aligning for this to happen, as fortuitously various persons in that field have already crossed my path.

My writing traverses spatial and temporal barriers and enormous amounts of time can go by before I get weary. This morning for example I went to bed at 6 am editing my book. I read the latest revised chapter for my sister a while ago and she said to me that it was "beautiful, therapeutic and calming!" 

It took us on a stroll down memory lane as I spoke about the things my parents used to do for us, especially the things my Dad did for me when he was alive and well, just a few years before when I started this memoir. My sister said my words brought her peace.

I do this for you Daddy. I owe it all to you. Without your encouragement, I would not be an author today.

THANK YOU times infinity xoxoxo ... I will love you forever.

Peace & Love

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