Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bleed on that Page!

I just had a 2.5 hour Skype meeting with my book editor!! I could not have made a better choice in choosing her. It was #destiny. She loves books and is sooo passionate about what she does. She told me: 

"Bleed on that page Carolyn!! Show, don't tell....people are going through so many tough times. They need to be able to identify and connect with you. You need to describe the experiences you had and how you gained this wisdom in order to connect the dots for your readers." 

With that being said: I've got lots more work to do! I need to share more emotions and feelings and all that mushy stuff I steered clear from all these years. I guess my friend Roxanne was right! Any writers out there? How do you connect more deeply with your audience?

The book started out as another inspirational/motivational book, but somewhere along the line it morphed into a memoir. You're probably saying to yourself: what does someone so young (and not famous) have to say in a memoir. I thought this too, even though everyone was asking me for months if I'm writing a memoir (including the owner of a bookshop). 

I did my research and ANYONE can write a memoir. This is an account of a particular event in your life from which readers can learn a lesson. A person can write several memoirs during their lifetime, but only ONE autobiography. Last December, I decided that it would take this format. This caused problems for the earlier part of the book which now reads like a motivational book. So now I need to revisit the first draft and make the changes based on the suggested edits from my editor.

Now you know! Stay tuned to this space for what the book is about. 

Peace & Love 
Happy Sunday! :)

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