Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Saw Perfection

Today (rather yesterday) I deviated from my usual routine and went to another gym that I attended for several years. It was refreshing to see old faces...all coercing me to come back! A simple visit to the bookstore at that mall, turned into a visit to a friend and the rest is history. 

It was so exhilarating to watch my friend teach her abs class :-) Although I didn't take the class, I felt like I was right there along with her stretching, moving and jiving to the cool sounds of the sweetest soca which was blaring from the sound system. 

There in that moment...I appreciated and admired her even more for her unique gifts and talents...and I saw perfection. 
photo credit - C.K. Correia All rights reserved 2013

Life is all about embracing each other. We are all different and bring something unique to the world. 

We bless and enrich each other's lives with our gifts and I am so grateful for the "eye" to recognize the beauty and wonder of creation. 

Some of us write movies and create stories with words and photos...

Some of us dance, sing and could find even the hardest spider veins in which to draw blood! 

Some of us could crunch numbers like dat (as we say in trini)! Which reminds me, another friend of mine while skyping at the wee hours of the morning last week...worked out my taxes in 5 minutes. No lie! She was able to look at all of my documents and calculate in her head the figures that I would have taken at least an hour to do! 

Then there are those that can cook the yummiest meals and desserts to cure any human condition...(I am told I am not bad either...cooked my 'famous' fish broth for my dad on Sunday and both him and my sister remarked how delicious it was...appreciation is a good feeling and does wonders for my ego! lol)

Today I appreciate and marvel at my diverse set of friends, family and all the people that have crossed my path throughout my life's journey. I learn and have learnt from all of you and I'm sure I've been inspired in some way unbeknownst to you!

You may not realize it now, but many years later you may remember that unique trait, conversation, joke or advice that someone from your past left you. 

When it comes, embrace it with a quiet smile, acknowledge the feeling that memory and lesson brings in all its shades and intensities at any given time. When it happens, send them a silent wish and release the memory until you need it again...

Tonight I am also aware of my presence on social media (which may not be all that large..relatively speaking). I often find myself deleting posts and the like...not because it was offensive or inappropriate, but just for the mere fact that I don't like too much attention being drawn to myself! Sounds like an oxymoron for a writer...but that's just how I feel. Did not know that Google, facebook and youtube are soo inextricably linked :(

2 blogs in 3 days! Yikes...I might be on to something Watson...:-)

Until next time...

Cheers from my world to yours~

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