Thursday, September 18, 2014

Half Way Decent Life

This is going to be a short post.

I've realized a while now, that my posts are long and this is a deterrent for readers.

Oh well. I guess I have a lot to say. But brevity is key to repeat visitors and sustained readership.

I returned last night from my mini get-away and although I'm glad to be back, I will always be connected in mind and spirit to my second home. (For those that joined my blog late, I lived on the sister-isle of Tobago last year and recently rekindled my love-affair with the island.)

Third visit for the year and I can't wait for my next trip. No man's land and Fort Bennett is next on the agenda much later on. My friends both here and there tell me that I need to take frequent 'time-outs' to refuel and return to my centre. I do feel more relaxed and at peace. Hope this feeling lasts.

Did I Say That?
photo credit - C.K. Correia Pigeon Pt. Tobago 2014 All rights reserved

Have you ever told someone to do something and later found that they did not detect your sarcasm and did in fact go ahead and do what you said (not) to do? 

How did this make you feel? 

I did. It's a hollow, rotten feeling. 

Mind you, this is not a "go get yourself that car you always dreamed of, or sign up for that class" kind of wish, but an all out drastic change of lifestyle...But I digress.

Sometimes in life, we find that the more we think we have a handle on a situation, is the more we grapple to come to terms with realities that have long manifested itself. If we were paying attention, we would have realized that the signs were in the stars. The ship has since sailed, but if you don't get an opportunity to vocalize your concerns or release it, they would always remain a part of your being, festering and eating away at your insides. 

I have no wise words of advice for this one, but everyone deals with things in their own way and time. But it must be dealt with in order to live a half way decent life.

While many things may plague our minds during waking hours, the stuff that keeps us awake at night should be the fuel that drives us to achieve that which makes our heart sing. Sometimes my creative energies are sucked up by troublesome thoughts, but these moments are rare and I always find my way back to my centre. 

There are lots of escape routes to your centre. These include writing, painting, taking a dip in the ocean, communing with nature, listening to music, meditation, singing or temporarily escaping to a different reality found in books, movies or travel. My "fix" can't be yours and vice versa. It's important to find your release and then you ought to find your centre and return to your happy place. 

You can't fake happiness. It's a way of life. You have to make up your mind to be happy...'Will' yourself to enjoy your own company otherwise no one else is gonna want to. Happiness breeds happiness. Joy attracts joy and what you carry on the inside always finds its way back to you. So as my former landlord told me: it pays to be happy and beautiful! My (former) neighbour also imparted that life is short: so don't ever give up. Good advice! 

Clearly I was surrounded by beautiful people in a beautiful land of happiness :-)
It's no wonder I have a paradise 'tabanca' lol (for the non-trinbagonians: it means heartache)

Next blog: My Bucket Happiness List!


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