Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy August!

It seems that July is over :( As another month ends and we get ready to wind down the year, before we say gone too soon, let's recount all the highs and lows and give thanks for them all. Both the negatives and positives have contributed to the persons we are today. For all the July babies (including myself) as we reflect on the past year and all the many moments it has brought to our lives, let us look back with a smile and find the silver lining in every situation.

Even though things may have changed, we will always have our memories upon which to reflect. Each moment holds significance as it is filled with new lessons, joys, achievements, goals, milestones, even sorrow and disappoint for there is always something on which to build, improve and work towards. If you made a mistake, you now know better for next time. If you stumbled and fell, you can now get up, try again and take pride in your strength and commitment.

photo credit - CK Correia  © 2013 All rights reserved

As we look toward August and the remaining 5 months of the year, let us condition our minds and set the pace for achieving our goals. Let it be our best time yet. It is never too late to start over, make a plan, dream Big dreams and when you do: Dream to Win! This moment is ours forever to cherish...No one can ever take it away from us.

Goodbye July...Hullo and Welcome August!

Wishing you much enjoyment, sweet bliss, magical moments under the stars, peace, love and abundance as the holidays wind down...enjoy the kiddies/ "Me" time, snow cones/ice-cream...and warm weather and ... Remember to Make it Count~ xo

Peace & Love my loves,
Carolyn xoxo

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