Saturday, January 11, 2014

Will you Change with the Tide?

What's your game plan? Many athletes come up with a plan about how to win that big game. So too many of us come up with plans for our life and how to accomplish our hearts desires...whether it's that job, man/woman, house or car. these things have purpose within our lives? Will it enrich our lives and the lives of those who cross our path? Is it in alignment with what God wants for us? I've found that many times it isn't. Most times this is driven by our need for material comforts...that would soon fade away when the novelty has worn off and replaced by another need for acquisition. It may be possibly driven by a need to keep up with the Jones' or satisfy some other need in our lives. In extreme cases this may be driven by greed and the need for status and popularity.
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Now I'm not saying it's not good to want and have nice things. Who doesn't love the look, smell and feel of new fact it is in alignment with the ever-popular psychologist Abraham Maslow's  hierarchy of needs model. 

Maslow (1970) posits that after your basic needs for safety, food, shelter etc are met, it's natural for us as humans to want to feel loved, affection and belong to family, friends, social groups and romantic relationships. It's also natural for us to want to fulfil our esteem needs and desire independence, self-respect, achievement and even prestige and dominance.

I strongly believe that once you maintain a relationship with God, uphold His laws as much as possible and give back to society through your life's work, He will reward you without you looking or trying too hard. We need not try to fill that gaping hole in our lives with things that don't mean a thing in the grand scheme of things. If we really consider the concept deeply, our life will still be the same with or without those things. Material comforts are temporary. They satisfy a temporary need. And most of all, they carry no meaning except in social circles.

When we are old and gray they would not be there to give us comfort. It's the people and relationships that you nurtured during your life that will endure and assist when you need it the most. And it most definitely will not put us in better standing with God the Father when we die...that is if you believe in the hereafter. We can't take it where we are fact we won't need's only to be enjoyed in this life. If you lack that happiness and peace in your soul, it won't do you much good either. Life is more than a pretty house with a view or a car with a sunroof. 

If you need a plan to "get" a woman or man...then she or he isn't worth the chase. They should want to be with you for you...for the non-material things you bring to the the ability to bring cheer when you are down, to offer moral support without asking, cook you a meal after a long day, bring a smile when you walk into a room or laugh like no one else can. Your ability to steer them in the right direction and vice versa or talk/listen for hours without tire means more than what money can buy. I'm no expert on love but you learn.

Time's a-changing and we are all a part of that movement of change...

Are we going to change with the tide? Or get lost and disappear in the waves?

Food for Thought...

Peace & Love.

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