Saturday, November 9, 2013

You Must Believe to Achieve!

I must admit, this is the most internet activity my social media sites have seen in a while...

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The reason being, I've been on an extended hiatus and it was just what the doctor ordered in every way. I used the time to unwind, relax my mind, body and spirit. Although there were still things sitting a bit heavy on my mind, I was glad for the time to spend alone and also with family. It's now drawing to a close and it was good getting away from the external "noise" and distractions. There were lots of things I wanted to get done but didn't and there were things I needed to put in order but did...if that makes any sense. In other words I got my house in order, yet I was unproductive in some ways:(...but timing is everything. As we say in trini-land everything "in a timing" and I plan to do just that...time is ticking...

For the past week, to pass the time I did something I haven't done in a long time due to location...I spent loads of time on the internet! (mostly in the wee morning hours like now, not to detract from my daytime family time). I've only had pockets of internet activity over the past 10 months...which is no good for a writer and communications professional...

So I caught up on my reading (mostly other people's blogs, Inc, Huffington post and others); research; social media marketing (thanks for all my new connections, new and returning readers and followers especially on twitter!); blogging and I ordered some new books to restock the local bookstores which was delivered today! #justintime #sohappy. I was able to catch up with some friends in between and spend quality time with my parents. I indeed needed this seal the deal I had the best spa day which I didn't even want to go to, but I'm glad I did, because it's where I met another kindred spirit who told me I made her day! #healingtouch

What struck me throughout, was how so much time can pass and so much can change and yet the fundamental truths remain. Although space and time may separate people, the ones that are in for the long haul will always matter what has transpired in the past....good, bad, ugly, indifferent...once someone is genuinely for you - family, friend or otherwise...that bond of unconditional love will seldom dissolve, unless someone does something really catastrophically wrong to weaken that trust. 

I've realized that age and illness is a phenomenon that we must come to terms will not change. You have to learn to accept and compromise when faced with the reality. It's not always easy, it sometimes takes you by surprise, but it takes a lot of patience and unconditional love....whether it is for yourself or another. We must find the strength, faith, fortitude and grace to handle the harsh realities it may bring with it.

I've realized that the feeling you feel in your gut about a decision, person or thing is usually spot on...not all times could be paranoia (or it could just be indigestion/gas!) But most times that nagging feeling you feel at the back of your head or in your soul is usually right. I told one of my friends tonight that although I have known her for just over a year, I've always gotten a good feeling about the connection, never once did I doubt her genuineness. Usually with people I have recently met, I get warning signals when it feels wrong or forced but I have never picked up on anything I think this one is a keeper. 

I've had the same feeling for a few new connections this past year which is always a good thing, but sometimes little qualities/behaviours they may possess make you question if your good intentions are being reciprocated in the same vein. The human condition is a wavering see-saw of highs and lows...the fragility of such is often determined too much by external forces or sometimes an inward retreat by one or more parties. Lack of trust and open communication is often to blame for the many directions for which things may sometimes spiral off.

What I want to say is a bit cliche`...and it's my Food for Thought for this hour...

  • Listen and look out for the signs and go with your gut. Value your connections and take it for what it is. What is for you is for you...this is a universal, timeless truth. Nothing is running away...each and everyone of us gets what is ours in the end. When persons do the unexpected (or sometimes expected), find a way to bridge the gap, uncover the truth and come to an understanding. Also learn when to walk away from an unhealthy situation.

  • Patience and grace are fundamental to understanding and coping with things that would not change. How you handle it should be left in God's hands. Your faith will carry you through to the next level.

  • Sometimes circumstances permit a little escape. The world has a way of working out all of the finer details in your favour. It's good to get away...away from the "insanity" and retreat and spend some quality "YOU" time. It's a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do every now and then when you feel you are losing your centre.

  • Sometimes you have to fight the urge to's good to get out and do something for you and talk to other people. You may be surprised and pleased with what you may find: comfort, camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

With this said, my week of warm, love-filled, oh-so-yummy-in-the-tummy home cooked meals, hugs and kisses, thoughtfulness, oneness, togetherness, girl-talk, meditation, blissful, uninterrupted internet access is slowly coming to an end. Time to get focused! Someone once told me I have everything I need to make this (dream of mine) happen...So I need to step up my game and tie up loose ends, buckle down and get serious about my future aspirations...connect, sacrifice, network and evolve one step at a time! I have faith and I can feel it in my gut this of God's "willing vessels" told me recently: "trust Him with your everything...He has great plans in store for you!"
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Yep He does...for me and each and everyone of You!

You Must Believe to Achieve!

Thanks to everyone past and present, known and unknown that has ever had faith in me and contributed to my personal and/or professional mean more than you know...

Peace & Love xo

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