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Oh how I've missed high speed internet access! It's like my refrain now, but it really is like a little piece of heaven...well not really...I imagine heaven to be infinitely more spectacular and well...heavenly, but you get my drift. 

If you've been following my blog...I guess you would know by now that I'm at home's nice to be back. My last trip wasn't that great, but I feel at peace this time around...I felt the difference from the time I stepped foot on dry land. Of course it's always great seeing my parents, sister and friends. The food is awesome at my mother's house too! (I'm getting hourly reminders about my split peas soup getting cold:-) I can hardly wait for Christmas!

I am soo grateful that I made it through this week and the last month for that matter. It was really hard sometimes having to get up and get, when some days your energy is waning. My vacation is calling me...I'm suffering from burn out...already! But God is good...I know He will give me strength to make it through the rest of the year:-)

Today I got a lot done...besides having my vehicle serviced (pretty boring routine oil and filter change, but oh so vital)...I had a photo shoot to have some professional photographs taken...also met some cool people. It's always great making new connections. I can't wait to see those shots! Will be updating my blogger stay tuned to this space. 

They say life is like a circle. You often cross paths with people you have met in your past again. It is not always a pleasant experience, but sometimes it's such a genuine joy to renew old acquaintances. The human condition is strange and always amazes me. For example, how you connect to some persons almost right off the bat and others for some odd inexplicable reason, you don't seem to mesh with them no matter how hard you try. 

Also, you may have a friend or acquaintance that you may not have spoken to or seen in such a long time and when you do connect, it's as though no time has passed. I have so many burning unanswered questions about the human psyche, sometimes I think I should have followed through with the urge I had in my younger days to study psychology! But knowledge is power. The courses I did pursue, has helped me to understand human behaviour better...sometimes too good, it's unnerving to others.

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This week I also learnt a lesson in trust. My two closest friends tell me I can get a little paranoid and jump to conclusions at times...well I guess I need to work on that before anyone else figures it out! lol. It was hilarious when the truth was discovered a day or two later. Let me tell you those 48 hours of uncertainty weren't pleasant! 

But on a serious note, sometimes you just have to wait until you have all the facts and while you wait...have a little faith. Put your emotions aside and learn to weigh the facts in front of you. Don't cloud your judgement with the past or base your impulses on some distant, vague insecurity or hang-up you may have. Odds are this may have occurred under completely different circumstances and with starkly different people.

Yup, this week taught me that nothing is the same. Life changes. People seldom change (no a leopard cannot change their spots!) but behaviours can be learnt and re-learnt and modified to suit the circumstance, that is...if you really want to badly enough. But don't be fooled by some people who feign change for selfish reasons and ulterior motives. That's not change...that's manipulation. 

But really, your life today, is a new dawn. A fresh start to create a wonderful new dynamic, fashioned in the way you desire. Not an existence, but a purpose-filled, love-filled, peace-filled, real joy-FUL abundant LIFE with YOU in it! If you really believe, there may be room for two. You can create your destiny. Ultimately God is in control, but we have choices that we make that can shape the way things turn out. 

Do you believe it?



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