Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Take a chance on life!

Daydreaming about the future again...So many plans, not sure where to begin. Still not sure what the future holds. Life is about progress...constantly moving, changing to accommodate new dreams, pursuits and swim against the tide. To create history and go against the norm against the odds. To soar above the ordinary to places we would only visit in our imagination. 

What lies ahead is a matter of drive and motivation to conquer, to achieve, to find happiness and fulfillment. Some people thrive on such an adrenaline rush, others are content to just simply be. As for me, my desire burns further than what I can imagine. It propels me forward to experience new adventures and live my life unfettered and free. Free from hang ups or limitations. To do what others say I cannot do. To live my life the way I want to live it regardless of circumstance. 

Wherever my journey takes me, I would be grateful for I know everything is as is should be. Every experience I have had or will have and persons I have met and will meet were designed and placed in my path for a purpose. Without even knowing it, our lives have purpose...every single moment...has meaning. Even the people you meet on the street or in the supermarket or the ones that last a lifetime...were sent to your life for a reason. It is up to us to discover that meaning and Make it Count in our lives. 

Nothing is by chance...don't ever take it for granted. Make every moment work in your lives to redound to a greater good. I know I have and plan to till I draw my last breathe...I plan to do what I was placed here to do. I am still working on my shortcomings as we all have them. My life is a work in progress and I ask that the Lord gives me strength, wisdom and courage to always try to do the right thing. 

Last weekend was fabulous as I spent time with truly special people. I realized that life is short so time ought not to be wasted harbouring ill-feelings or resentment or living in fear. Now is the time to create your future.
You will never have this moment again. Take a chance on life!

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