Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Deeper Purpose...

Sometimes I have these epiphanies that seem to come out of nowhere...but I thank God for them because it's what keeps me going. So many good things are happening in my life to be bogged down with these minor tribulations...rather annoyances that seem to be reoccurring...like an insect that doesn't want to go away. But for cathartic reasons I use this space to placate my temporary feelings which hopefully someone will be able to
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I think it has reached a pinnacle and no matter how you place yourself into the right frame of mind to deal with the issue in a different way [which is one of indifference]...the problem keeps rearing it's ugly head so to speak. You know what I mean? Have you ever felt like this? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Nevertheless, today I realized that I am bigger than my problem and I am intent on conquering this dragon. We'll see how things progress. Apart from this, do you sometimes feel that you have reached a turning point and if you go any further, it would just be down hill? Perhaps, it's just a passing cloud. It is my hope that I can transform situations into an inspirational experience.

Today while soaking in the sunset, I realized that I have the power to inspire feelings of joy, reflection, peace and positivity through my words and my life. Your life can be an example to others...how you live it dictates this. Let's not try to be influenced by outside forces that attempt to steal our zeal and purpose. We must rise above this and try to leave our mark. 

Let's block out the external "noise" and let our inner light shine forth for others to see and the naysayer(s) will soon realize that they are irrelevant to our existence and purpose. We all have commonalities but different goals, different mindsets, different aspirations. What we aspire to be should not be contingent on how someone else is living their life.

I know I have so much more to give and it resonates deep within my being. It goes beyond the 8-4 or 9-5, it transcends the limitations of a physical or temporal space. It is eternal. My message traverses geographical, cultural, religious or ethnic barriers. And it does not end there. The best is yet to come. My desire to transform negative into positive and enrich lives is constantly multiplying and aggregating into different forms. Only time will tell how this journey unfolds...I anxiously await the next adventure. 
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So far I've met some interesting people on this particular part of my journey and I feel blessed to form these acquaintances and friendships that I needed to forge at this particular point in my life to grow and evolve to my next level. Whatever the future holds, I am now more ready than I've ever been.

My second book is underway and the sky is the limit to my future endeavours. Stay tuned to this space to watch it all unfold...

Cheers to you!

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