Sunday, July 14, 2013

Choose your words wisely

Sometimes the most unexpected people are the ones that surprise you. Some for good, some for bad. Sometimes you burn to learn. But you have to learn to trust sometime. Better to trust your instincts you say? Perhaps, to trust mere mortals is a volatile game. But life IS a gamble. Keep your enemies close, friends closer are the warnings of the wise. But when we learn to choose our words wisely, there is no need to walk on eggshells since we have no fear of the harm they bring. Other times, you would come across people that are just a joy to be around, it's hard not let your guard down. Above all be guided by your faith and TRUST in God for He would never lead us astray or watch us fall. Even if we do, it is to learn a lesson so this will redound to a greater GOOD in our lives in TIME. The following quote echoes from my more youthful days: "Patience is a virtue and virtue is GRACE!" Indeed it IS! 
Peace & 

photo credit - C.K.Correia 2013 All rights reserved

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