Sunday, May 5, 2013

Time will Tell

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They say everything happens for a reason. And yes indeed this is a universal truth. In order to properly deal with what comes our way, we must accept this fact of life. At times you may question the order our life takes but in the end we must look for the silver lining.

Human behaviour is a mystery that I would never be able to wrap my head around. Sometimes things happen to make us wonder what's in a person's DNA to influence their behaviour. Is it due to childhood angst at the home or in school? Or maybe socialization? Perhaps an insecurity stemming from feelings of inferiority? Is it a a hereditary gene? Or then again maybe there is no explanation besides an overly competitive spirit and mental, emotional or psychological dispositions. Sometimes you will never know until years later or perhaps never.

What most people do not realize, is that we are all the same underneath it all. What really separates us is our mindset and attitudes that we exude. When we liberate our minds and remove the hang ups, insecurities and preconceived notions, then we would truly be able to live as one. We may even realize that we like each other. 

Time is a great phenomenon and once we allow nature to run it's course, we would find the solution to most of our problems. Sometimes all it takes to change your focus is to step out of your routine for a moment and then suddenly you will feel liberated and unfettered. Once we concentrate on the things that really matter, it would become clear who is really in charge. And yes maybe we will find peace.

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