Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Now or Never...

What a rainy week we’ve been having on this side of the world! I stayed indoors all day and hibernated, did laundry, made lunch and drank loads of tea and hot chocolate! It was heavenly. It’s now night time and still raining… hasn't stopped since last evening. But after many episodes of the Big Bang Theory, Anger Management and BBC followed by a very entertaining rounds of swapping voice notes via bbm, I decided it’s time to do something constructive like blog, finish a presentation for work and continue my second book! It’s gonna be a long night…
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With that said…it’s time for some #ThinkingOutLoud...

Sometimes things can be going great in your life and by all appearances, people looking on from the outside may think that you have a wonderful life yet…however, an inner impulse may prompt you to have other thoughts and strive for something more. It’s not being ungrateful, but I would like to think it’s a normal human reaction. Things may not be bad per se, but how do you surpass your former level of satiety? Is there something missing or perhaps have things become mundane? How do you change the routine aspects of your life to make it a fabulous day-to-day existence worth living and jumping out of bed for each morning?

I’ve been speaking with a few people over a period of time and I get the impression that sometimes people are comfortable with the way aspects of their life are, whether it is work, family or social facets of life. And though they are not completely satisfied, they do not really want to change the way things are. Many people are not risk takers, they are fearful of the unknown, fearful of change, of what lies ahead or fearful of loss in one form or another. Some of us are fearful of failure or fearful of rejection.

It is the truly adventurous, brave and strong-willed among us that can start over from scratch, leave familiar territory and go boldly where few decide to tread. Sometimes it’s not the wisest thing to do and may depend on how much you have to lose or how badly you want something…how badly you crave change.

Many of us stay in jobs we are unhappy at for years on end without attempting to find alternative means of making a living or sometimes giving up on our dreams for comfort or commitments. The same can be said for friendships or relationships. Sometimes we don’t know what is preventing us from making that step, making a conscious effort to bring about that change we desire. But we need to look within and evaluate our life. 

Try to picture ourselves in a different place where things are how we would like them to be. Don’t visualize a fairy tale where things are perfect, but weigh the pros and cons and imagine the realistic or perhaps worse case scenarios that can occur. Perhaps we can compare it to our present life and think of ways we can make ourselves happier with our present circumstances. Then measure this against our imagined "ideal life with changes” and determine which way is best to indeed live our best life yet.

Remember life is short. Life is unpredictable. Things can all change drastically in the bat of an eye. You only have one chance at it. So make the most of it now before it's too late. It's now or never.

If only I can take my own advice in all aspects, then indeed this would be a “Beautiful Life!”

Time will tell what the future holds:)

Peace & Love

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