Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blessing or curse

With all the mayhem, doom and gloom going on in the world today, we really need to be thankful for our blessings and safety of ourselves and our loved ones. Life is so unpredictable; you never know what’s in store for us. 

It’s sort of sad and uncertain, that at times we don’t want to venture past our front door or turn on the news for that matter and just live in a bubble. But indeed we cannot be prisoners in our own home and live in fear. We need to have faith and trust that we would return safely in one piece to those that matter most.

Recently I have been #ThinkingOutLoud about the things I want to do with my life and been getting really excited and anxious. The mind is really a wonderous thing. I’ve been setting goals and making plans and before I get carried away by my imagination, it hit me: I only have so much control. 

I don’t believe that I have total control of my destiny. Yes, I can put the balls in motion with eagerness and enthusiasm, but despite all the lofty ambitions in the world, there is a Higher power controlling the course my life takes. 

I think I was led every step of the way to where I am today because of my faith, and this moment is indeed my divine providence. Nothing could have prevented me from being in this place at this point in time, except if I lacked faith in God to change my life path.

I had a minor setback recently and in the beginning I was beating myself up over it, trying to figure out why it happened and how I could have avoided it, then I realized this: It all happened for a reason. I also remembered the words of a friend before this all happened: “Nothing before it’s time.” At first I didn’t think much of these words, but yup she’s always right. Instead of trying to fight it and get depressed (which I must admit I did), I have embraced this delay and tried to find the silver lining. 

Indeed I am beginning to feel a little better knowing that it will all work out better in the end. People have already begun to enter the picture, to assist in making the bigger picture better. Though I would have preferred an earlier start, I have faith that this too happened for a reason.

Yes, so in the final analysis, there are people placed at every interval of our lives for a reason. Don’t ever forget or take them for granted. They were sent for a purpose and vice versa  Many persons enter your life on a daily basis, some stay longer than others. Some you are stuck with for a period of time or indefinitely in some cases, due to circumstance. Although they may be a pain, you never know when you would need them, or they would need you, so it is wise to exercise some tolerance. 

Others you may need to determine if you need them more than they need you and act accordingly to avoid unnecessary hurt. The true gems, you ought to value them and treat them right before it’s too late, because good people do not come along every day!

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