Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Beginning

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Greetings my lovelies,

Hope the New Year is treating you right and 2013 is off to a good start.

I am happy to announce that I have completed the recordings for my audio book of Thinking out Loud. YAY! So now, I just have to wait for the editing to be completed and then the sound effects. This should be completed by the end of January. Can't wait!

On another note, today marks the day of my 'big' transition. Soon I'll be blogging from a different location and posting picturesque photos. Finally I have the chance to use my professional camera! It would take me a little while to get settled, unpack and hook up my new internet but I will be with you in spirit until that time comes :-)

December has been a busy month indeed...I feel like I need a vacation from my vacay...:( but it has been an exciting and fruitful experience all at the same time.

If I did not fully express my New Year's sentiments for you before, here goes.

Let 2013 be your best year yet. May you accomplish all of your innermost hopes, dreams and ambitions to be the best you can possibly be. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from making that change you so desire in your life right now. Sometimes the greatest things don't cost a thing but just requires a little sacrifice, faith, fortitude and willpower. And believe me when I say, you will be surprised when YOUR change comes at the most unexpected time!

  • If you want to lose weight ---it can be yours!
  • If you want that new job or promotion----work towards it...never give UP!
  • If you want that new house or car----continue to save and sacrifice!
  • If you want to kick that habit or turn over a new leaf---exercise some willpower daily and stick to it and you will!
  • If you want to meet that man or woman of your dreams---continue to ASK God to open your heart and mind and lead you to that person or for he/she to be lead to YOU!
  • If you want to be reunited with family---pray about it and it will be yours!
  • If you want to heal that broken friendship or relationship---pray for healing!
  • If you want to recover from an illness or injury....take care of your body and mind and ask God for healing!

True wealth, happiness, peace, love, success and abundance is yours once you walk in faith! 

I place my intentions with the Heavenly Father and release it unto Him and I know I will receive same when the time is right. I know this because I believe with all my heart and all my soul and I receive signs daily that I am indeed blessed and highly favoured!!

Until next time...stay positive and alwayz remember to Make it Count!!


Happy Friday!

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