Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Time!

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Timing is everything and I think now is the time to get back into the swing of things and continue my second book. If I wait until I have loads of time, that may never come so I need to push on. Actually it's two books I started. Take a brief stroll down memory lane with me...

The first is a novel which I started when I was only 19...before I even owned a it's still in manuscript (handwritten) form. I only wrote one chapter, but from the reviews of a friend way back then, it was pretty good. If I remember correctly, she said to me: "Carolyn, if this is your first chapter, I can't wait to see what the rest of the book holds!" Well, umm....not sure what exactly happened to make me stop, but let's just say a lot of time has passed and loads of ss-tuf has happened since then. It was the only time I attempted fiction though, so it was refreshing. I read it over, a couple times over the years and I'm glad I haven't thrown it was pretty good for a "younging" lol. We'll see. If I ever get around to finishing it, it would probably be under a pen name though.

The other one I started when I was in my first year of graduate school. One evening I was studying and out of the blue, my dad encouraged me to write a book! To this I asked: "what will I write about? A book you say, ya know? What will I fill all those pages with!?" To this dear daddy responded by saying: "write about your experiences and how you view life." Amazing. He has so much confidence in me and my writing, which at the time, I didn't have in myself. I took his advice and I started writing that same evening. I continued for a few months, every chance I got in my spare time. I wrote all of 11,000 words then I gave it to few people to review...

One of them responded that it was like reading something a psychologist wrote; the other said it was good, but I needed to tweak it somewhat, because it was filled with a few self-doubts (constructive criticism). And the other (whose name I purposely withhold) said that she hated it! LOL. Seriously, it's no laughing matter. That was it for that book...may as well stick a pin in it, because I was done! Never touched it since. That was two years ago. Opened the document a few times though, but wasn't motivated to write anymore. It was the worse case of writer's block. See what one bad review can do! I was a bit sensitive about my work around that time....still am, to an extent. That's the book I want to continue though...hopefully I get up the nerve to do some work on it this weekend. So far, it's been a week of reflection while I stay in my cocoon, vegge out and recoup after the lonnnggest week known to man! So far I've found time to do my taxes, request my lost flyer miles and update my pages after a couple days (and months in some cases) of inactivity (Click here to read more---> If only I can clean up this writer's mess that is my room, everything will be perfect!

Anyways, to cut a long story short...the time has come for me to continue my passion. I've since published my first book, which is not any of the ones named above. It's called THINKING OUT LOUD and it's a collection of inspirational/motivational/philosophical articles on life, love, finding your passion/right career, celebrating milestones, parents and the holidays. If I missed's probably there too! I've gotten great reviews and requests about my next book ever since the book launch last December. It's available at local bookstores in Trinidad and on  I also plan to complete an audio book by November 2012, so stay tuned to this space.

Just goes to show that you can accomplish anything regardless of doubt, delays, disappointment or criticism. This was not even planned and it all happened pretty quickly. Around this time last year I was quite busy. Very exciting time I must say. I remember exclaiming with joy every time I got an email from the publishers:) Took a few weeks vacation to get it all done without delay and devote the much needed time. Lots of people encouraged me over the years but one day, I read something somewhere and decided to do it. It has been an amazing year and I give God all the credit. I could not have done any of this without Him. I am also grateful for all the people in my life and the ones that have passed through along the way that gave me encouragement and support. Even if you are no longer in my life for whatever reason, you were instrumental in the lessons learned and in some way contributed to the inspiration behind the sweat and hard work. 

To all the readers of my blog both locally and globally, that have followed me throughout my journey last year and beyond...I thank you! Please let me know who you are and what you think by leaving comments on the posts, retweeting and "LIKE-ing" on facebook. Also, feel free to join my fanpage---->

Have a great weekend all!
Remember to Make it count.

Peace &

Cheers! xo

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