Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just Thinking out Loud

I attended a Writer's meeting this weekend with a colleague of was well...ummm "different" to say the very least...#theplotthickens
This piece was inspired from the entire weekend and week in fact. Thought I'd try something attempt @ a lil more creativity:D lol. It's a fusion of thoughts from my book - Thinking out Loud, as well as stuff just floating around in my subconscious...Here goes..

Sometimes, life is unpredictable and you never know where this winding road will take you...
And no matter how hard you try to force things to happen or prevent things from happening, what is meant to be will be
Sometimes human nature gets the better of us despite all good intentions
It's hard to break old habits and when you least expect it, the moment comes when it rears it's ugly head,
It's hard to fight a first reaction or instinct, thought or impulse unless you're trained to stifle what's inside...[I call that fake and hypocritical, others may call it good sense]
It's sad that it's frowned upon when in most cases, you simply had the guts to put into words what everyone else was really thinking
Sometimes the people you least expect to be there for you, are the ones that are there in times of need when a comforting smile or reassuring word is all you need
Good friends are hard to find but how do you recognize the ones that are truly real?
How do you truly accept the good and bad qualities of a person without judging, after all you have faults too
During a disagreement, it still baffles me how two people could walk away with two completely different versions of the SAME story!
How do you bite your tongue when you know if you don't speak up, the silence will gnaw away at you and erode your peace of mind?
How do you fight the urge to follow your feelings without being a rebel without a cause?
How do you know when it's time to quit and throw in the towel?
How do you resist following the pack and staying true to yourself?
Why conform when you can be you?
How do you chart your own territory in a world that endorses conformists?
How do you conform when all you want to do is Break Free!

That's all she wrote...
Be my first critic! Go easy on me;)

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