Saturday, July 14, 2012

Movie magic - The Amazing Spiderman!!!

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Just came back from seeing Spiderman and Iceage...fabulous movies...I wasn't digging Iceage in the beginning, but then there was a theme at the end..."family" and love conquers all and I ended up enjoying it.

Spiderman has always been a favourite of mine. [The following includes spoilers]. The villain was a scientist who knew Peter Parker's real parents. He was a scientist who wanted to remove the imperfections of humans and become bionic. He lost one of his arms and with Peter's (innocent) help he created a formula to grow his arm back by merging lizard and mice genes with his human genes. It backfired and he mutated into a giant lizard with superhuman strength and qualities. He thought humans to be weak creatures with flaws and he attempted to make himself perfect at all cost. In the end, with the help of Peter's girlfriend and her father who was the head of police....he reversed the process and the scientist helped Peter escape death when it really mattered. Before his girlfriend's father breathed his last breath, he admitted that he was wrong about Spiderman and the city really needed him. He also made him promise that he would stay away from his daughter to ensure her safety. Throughout the movie Peter loses many people close to him...his parents, his uncle, his girlfriend's dad...

You will have to watch the movie to figure out what happens next but I give it four stars ****!!!

Just goes to show what happens when man tried to question God...never doubt greatness!! You are perfect just the way you are.


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