Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lights, camera, action!

Procrastination I'm sure must be a sin. I have this Spanish oral I'm studying for which I've known about for at least 2-3 weeks and although I think I have grasped the basic concepts from my studious attempts thus far, I find myself distracted. I'm missing a body building show under weigh now and I'm bummed! I know? Body building you say?! But yeah! I missed the gym for two days and I'm probably going to miss the beach tomorrow:( But soon I can relax and exhale once again as I return to the things that I enjoy doing the most. 

I probably shouldn't be blogging right now either, especially after I watched an entire movie!! One of the best romantic comedy/dramas ever - Brown Sugar (2002) with Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan. Maybe I'm overly sentimental but movies just gives you a really nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. Like writing/reading (she was also a writer/author and magazine editor in the movie) it allows you to see the world from the character's eyes...perhaps live a little vicariously through them. It allows you to daydream a little and catch a glimpse of the past and what you would like for the future.

With all the turmoil happening in the world today, like the recent shooting at the new Batman movie just makes you wonder. What internal processes goes on in a person's head in order to lead them to such mental torture and cause the wanton destruction of life. What has happened in their childhood or even before that...while in the womb (or time of conception if possible) that can cause them to trip like that? How come some people go through a lot of turmoil and pain in their lives and are still able to internalize and pick up the pieces of their life successfully and move on to achieve great things and others (who may not even have experienced a fraction of the same pain) cannot do the same? Is it genes? It is upbringing or socialization? Is it a lack of spirituality and faith in a Higher Being? It is the environment and the people and experiences they have been exposed to? It is learnt behaviours, habits and practices? Is it substance, science and modern teachings? I can't fathom what can cause a person to react in these heinous ways and cause all of this unnecessary, unsuspecting and unpredictable pain to sooo many lives.

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We have to be cognizant of the messages we are sending to children in their formative years. Especially for artists and producers of content we need to be our own gatekeepers of the messages available via the media ---music, movies, books and news. We need to be responsible and ask ourselves whether we should filter this from young impressionable minds from a particular age and as adults is it our civic duty to make a conscious decision not to consume or disseminate the undesirable streaming of content that can negatively impact a person's psyche and possibly change their thought patterns and lives of all involved forever.

I don't know but in today's world, it's really difficult to choose.

Let's ask the master Creator for guidance and not wait until it's too late and lives are affected. Let's make the right choice starting now.

Volver a estudiar para mi examen.
¡Deséeme la suerte!

 Back to work...wish me luck!!

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