Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A little piece of me...a little piece of you...

It's always great to live to see another day...far more another year. In a few days, I would have crossed another milestone in my life...that is another birthday. Last year was pretty special, hope this year is the same...if all goes as planned, it should be epic!! I was just telling my family last week, that God has really shined his face upon me these past couple years. I have overcome all of the obstacles in my path and had the opportunity to do some things that I have always wanted to and for this I am eternally grateful. One of my friends reminded me of this the other night and only when he said it, I realized in that moment - it's how you look at the glass that matters: to some it may always be half empty, but we must all approach it like it's half full. Aging may be a curse to some, but to many others it's an accomplishment and a celebration of life in all it's splendour at this stage of your journey. Many others are not as fortunate to have come as far as you and I.

Many people ask me where does my inspiration come from...but what better time to share than now!? On the eve of one of my birthdays (not too long ago), I wrote this article that really started this whole process a-rolling. Prior to that, I hadn't written anything in a few years except maybe the odd article and things for work. I have always loved to write since school days, but after some disenchantment with pursuing it as a career in the early days, I just gave up on my dream. I had a restaurant review published in a Business magazine previously and then I just hung up my notepad and pencil so to speak. With the flood of emotions that filled me as I approached my 30th birthday, I decided to put pen to paper once again - just for venting purposes and I was elated to know that I didn't lose my touch. When I reviewed my work, I was filled with soo much amazement and pride that I had actually written this...and this was not out of conceit or boastfulness but just sheer delight and pleasure. I was soo happy and even surprised with what I had created. It had captured all of my feelings precisely and it was then that I knew that I had a real and tangible God-given gift. There's no other explanation for it. 

I let it sit for a while then I gave it to some of my close friends and work colleagues to read and each of them had the same reaction. Almost all of them insisted that I try to get it published and I could laugh at this now but the first editor that I approached told me that "it needed to be fleshed out some more" (!!?) and that was really a deterrent. I tried one of the more prominent magazines in the country {the Trinidad and Tobago Woman Express} and off the bat, the editor Angela Martin said that she would publish it! I was making cartwheels:) And this is how "Lyn got her groove back!" lol. The reviews from this article (and others) were great...people of all ages told me they could relate. Even my lecturer commented on how it had touched him and made him reflect on his own life. One of my co-workers told me she heard two women speaking about it on a bus!! It was a-ma-zinggg and it gave me such a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to know that so many diverse people can relate to what I was saying! I had a duty to continue. 

This was my calling...I think every moment in my life has led to this...this is the reason I was share my story with the world. Hopefully to inspire, touch lives and influence change even if it's in the smallest way. Hey I still inspire myself to bring about changes in my life through my writing! (All of us have the ability, we just need to tap into our gift(s) and make it work in our lives and the lives of others.) A colleague of mine encouraged me to continue writing as often as I can and that's what I did. I contributed to this magazine for about two years periodically and also along with a Jamaican magazine. I then stopped to focus on my book which is a collection of all of the articles and more.

Here's a little piece of me...and a little piece of you. It's all of's life. It's Thinking out Loud. If you own your own copy of my book, I thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing me into your life for a moment or two. I really appreciate the support from my followers of this blog, my facebook page and my journey. So as I cross this new phase of my life, I hope for "Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference." It's remarkable what you can do with a little faith, encouragement and determination. As for my wishes and dreams for this year...sooo much awaits...change is coming...this year is it! I can feel it...Stay tuned to this space...

Best wishes to you. If you're celebrating a birthday or have just celebrated one ¡¡¡Felicitaciones!!!


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