Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bye bye Dallas...

Is it still Friday where you are? I wish I got the chance to wish you all a Happy 1st June....but in case I missed it....wishing you the very best for this month. Hope all your dreams come true. I'm finally back home after a fantabulous vacation. I'm sitting here wondering why did it have to end??!!But such is life. Got to do quite a bit within the time I was there and enjoyed every last drop. I have a few more days to rest and enjoy before it's back to reality once again and return to my day job;(

I think I have adjusted to the change over in time zones from Central to Eastern (or La Paz) time. My phone and watches are back to normal and the weather is a bit cooler....believe it or not! Did not know that Texas gets into the triple digits in May!  All through the night and morning before I left there was a huge thunderstorm and tornado threat. My flight got delayed twice...but thank God I'm back safe and sound. It was a smooth flight with little or no turbulence.

It's amazing how you can be in one place one minute and then halfway across the world the next! Technology sure is something. Although I miss Dallas and I did not get home sick not once (broke the record this time!) I am somewhat happy to be home again. You know what they say "there's no place like home." Now I know I'm only a phone call or 6 hour flight away from the ones I love;) Thanks to you for making my 1st trip to this city doubly special! XO

Vacations give you a new perspective and makes you appreciate the wonders and sheer splendour of this majestic universe and the people in it. It's worth it to step outside of your own reality for a minute to experience often as you possibly can. It doesn't matter where you go..."Just Do It!" 

For those of you thinking of taking a trip to Dallas, here are some of the sights to enjoy!

Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwell

Japanese Gardens, Dallas Forth Worth

Botanical Gardens, Dallas Forth Worth

Gardens, Dallas Forth Worth
Garland, Dallas
Garland, Dallas

Dallas Aquarium

Dallas Aquarium

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Next trip Reunion Tower fur sure!!

Have a great weekend everyone:-)


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