Friday, April 20, 2012

We were ALL born to SHARE!

Whew! It's been a while since I blogged. Been a rough few days but I'm back. Thought my nice new rested vacation feeling could have lasted forever but no!! :( I got fooled again. Lots to blog about. Before I get to my trip, I have some good news to announce! Well a few announcements:) The first...part of the reason I've been neglecting my blog is because I've been cramming for my final Spanish (oral) exam for Basico 1. And after practising on my own and with friends who are bilingual and wearing them out...I had my exam on Wednesday afternoon and I'm happy to say..........that my examiner said that I did an "excellent test...and I have a good foundation!" Woohoo....I was elated...felt like I was floating on air during the drive home:) Great news...since I was really beginning to panic that maybe my brain had become rusty lol. So official results will be posted in the upcoming weeks and I'm looking forward to starting Basic 2!! **winks to my special friends**

Next Monday I will be attending an appreciation ceremony for First Time Authors being hosted by our National Library (NALIS) Can't wait!! There will be about 50 first time authors and someone famous will be reading excerpts from our books and doing a critique....and we also get an award!! **excitement** Looking forward to that and will give you the full details next week on the venue, entertainment, dress code and the night's proceedings.

This weekend I have to get a lot done...not sure how I'm doing it but ya know "where there is a will there is a way." Rest first and foremost. I have to go into the office Sunday...which puts a dampen on my relaxation plan but you gotta do what you gotta do. I have to reformat my book for kindle and an article for an online HR/Entrepreneurial magazine. Next post will be about my trip soo stay glued to Moment to Moment!!

For those of you now tuning in to my blog for the first can check out the free preview of my book THINKING OUT LOUD by Carolyn Correia online on google books, lulu or amazon US or UK (also now in France, Spain, Germany and Italy!!). I've been getting great reviews by readers worldwide...I'm soooo glad and humbled that my experiences are helping persons find themselves, the peace they need or their purpose in life because we were all born to share our life and talent with others. Please order your copy today! Part proceeds go to charity. You can access my book via the following links:




Happy Reading and see you ALL next time!

Buenos noches:)

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  1. Also add this to my list of things to do...create a new facebook page...people have been urging me to do this...i have a group that i need to convert to a page:((( so look out for that link soon!