Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Sunday!! :D

Hope your weekend is going great! I don't have any April Fool's jokes today but it's great to be alive...Happy 1st April!! My the year sure is flying. Nothing like an easy breezy Sunday afternoon...right now I'm watching reruns of 227 on Centric. Although I was just a wee tot when it aired on sure brought back memories. I don't often watch television but this is classic! They showed an episode with the late Florence Delorez Griffith-Joyner. There was also an episode when they all appeared on Family Feud, one where they bought a Japanese restaurant and one where Santa Claus stole all their gifts and they all got locked in the slammer for trying to impersonate Santa to make little Alexandria feel better and believe in the spirit of Christmas. There were some good family values. Go ahead and you tube it! Makes me smile and sad all at the same time to know those days can never come back. Who doesn't miss that time captured with Jackee, Marla Gibbs, Regina King and others...Olivia from Sesame Street and more??!! Wow! Acting, music and writing are some of the greatest gifts bestowed onto mankind.

Hope this brings back memories of a happy time when life was simple. Hope you enjoy!! What are you doing this fine Sunday? If you're spending some quality time with the family...good for you cos chile..."There's no place like home!"

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