Sunday, March 4, 2012

I want change!!

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It's weird how I come alive at these odd hours of the morning. Just came back from seeing the movie Gone and I was going to sleep but the light on my computer was luring me back here I hour later...bright eyed and bushy tailed even after a glass of vino! I've been perusing other blogs of writers the months leading up to my recent book launch and continuing up to now I've noticed a it's good to know that I'm not alone in this night time ritual. So if you're visiting for the first time welcome to my blog Moment to Moment and welcome back if you've bookmarked by page and are a regular visitor...that in itself means soo much.

This week was a very eventful week. A week that found me wrapped up in a multitude of emotions. And as I let them all unfold: anxiety, excitement, joy, happiness, frustration, anger, embarrassment at times (don't ask:p)...I watch it take its course and then release, realizing that everything lasts for a time and then it slowly dissipates. Sometimes change is good but you just have to wait on that wave...and not a moment before. "What is for you is for you."

On another note, I've listened and observed people and at times I wonder why everyone can't be on the same wave length. Alas! we weren't all created the same...with the same mental frame of mind and rationale/reasoning capabilities. Such is life. People of all different backgrounds are brought together during this dance of life and you can never predict why certain people "click", why certain people react the way they do to situations and say the things they do and why no matter how hard you try to convince someone that something may be good or bad for them - they may never see things the way you do. And most of all why people at one time or another will always let you down without fail no matter how genuine they purport to be or how long they've been putting up a pretense for multifarious reasons. You win some you lose some!

On Friday, one of God's messengers delivered a special message to me which in a nutshell was to look at the bright side of life and be thankful for what you have. I know this is what I exude in my writing but I felt stuck that day [in real life] for some reason since something I've been waiting for hasn't arrived yet although I was sure this week would have been epic....(but I guess it's still too early to tell). Being human I was getting impatient. I don't know what exactly was said to make me change my outlook but whatever it was - it worked. Sometimes we have to trust God's timing because He always delivers on time.

For those of you out there wondering: "what the heck is this girl talking about" I'm not one of those bloggers/writers that believe in pouring out your life in a public domain unless there is a lesson to be learnt. So to all of you going through your own stumbling blocks or issues whether personal, family, job or career related I say this to you: 

Sometimes we may be waiting for change to come but as the saying goes: "the only thing constant in life is change" and we may need to make that change happen by what we put out into the universe. We hold the key to our destiny but God provides the door. It is up to us to find the right key to open the right door at the right time. This discovery is dependent on how we conduct our daily affairs. The change we may be looking for may be in the manner in which we live our life... sometimes we may just need to do something differently...or adjust our modus operandi. 

For some of us, we are propelled on a particular path because of a chain reaction of events that we have caused to happen. Did we give directions to the stranger that approached us on the way to our daily activities? Or did we mutter under our breathe and hurried along our path saying that we were too busy? Did we go to that "meet and greet" at our college or did we sleep in because we partied the night before thinking it was not that big a deal despite the reminders of the importance? Did we pass up that promotion because it wasn't that much more of a pay raise in comparison to the work and responsibility not knowing that it could have eventually led to something bigger and better further afield? These are all life altering decisions that can steer our life along a totally different path based on our mindset, disposition or circumstance. For some of us it can open doors [that we were led/destined to] because we hold the right key and can lead us to fulfill our true potential and ultimate happiness. And others may remain stuck because they let an opportunity pass them by without even realizing it. 

Again not everyone has the same mentality and instincts. So because of a simple decision or [temporary] state of mind...some of us are still waiting for that wave to come. The question we need to ask ourselves [myself included] is: Which category do I fall into? Am I one of those persons? It's easy to say that we will start anew and do things differently from this moment onwards but Rome was not built in a day...our life is a work in progress...and it's never too late...our change will time. Internal change brings external outcomes and infinite possibilities.

So to that special person...
Thanks Aunty Marion (aka #bosslady *winks*).

Have a great night...ohhh it's Sunday:) Some of us haven't gone to sleep as yet....Ciao

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