Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Happy St. Paddy's Day folks!!

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

–Irish blessing

Some facts about St. Patrick's Day!

  •  St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated yearly on 17th March by the Irish to mark the arrival of Christianity in Ireland;
  • “Green” is the colour internationally associated with St. Patrick’s Day since it is an Irish holiday thus people like to wear Green on the day;
  • Many Irish people will visit their churches on St. Patrick’s Day celebrating Christianity in Ireland.
  • St. Patrick’s Day also lifts the restrictions on consuming alcohol and eating restrictions from lent. (Lent is another Christian tradition).
  • In 1903, Saint Patrick’s Day became an official public holiday in Ireland.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is probably the most widely celebrated saint’s day in the world.

Why wear Green??! I bet you didn't know!!

 Quite interesting to note is that the official colour for St. Patrick’s Day has not always been green. Originally the St. Patrick’s Day colours were Blue! The colours of St. Patrick’s Day changed to green when Irish Soldiers in the 1798 rebellion decided to wear Green Uniforms to make a political statement. The color green has significance importance in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It is said that St. Patrick’s used a three-leaved plant to explain the Holy Trinity in Christianity and the colours of the plant leaves were green. “The wearing of Green” symbolize that the person celebrating St. Patrick’s Day are a Christian and believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

So now you know!!

Have fun...everything in moderation:)

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