Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where it all began: Carnival!

Tomorrow is Fantastic [Carnival] Friday here in Trinidad & Tobago. To many it's the lead up to the revelry of mas' in all it's splendour as the streets explode into a kaleidoscope of colour: the costumes (which all tell a story) adorned with beads, cloth, glitter and feathers coupled with the excitement and pulsating musical rhythms as masqueraders cross the Big stage. The festival was first introduced by the French settlers to this island around 1785 with fancy balls or masquerades and soon caught on with the slaves as history tells us it was a way for them to celebrate their new found freedom when slavery was abolished. Stick fighting and ole mas' (the latter which is a mini skit put on to "air" the grievances of the day as it pokes fun at some of the current affairs) are some of the more tradition legacies that we still practise today. It is a tradition rich in culture that has grown and exploded into a liberation for many people up to this a way to free all of their stresses from the entire year which they look forward to with anticipation.

Many others use it to escape to the beaches and catch up with friends and me. Yet others take to the streets and savannah to spectate and watch it all unfold...maybe I'll find the time to do that too...

Where ever Carnival meets you...please be safe and remember to Make it Count.

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