Sunday, February 26, 2012

After One time is Two

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The world is filled with wonderfully talented and innovative people. I would refrain from saying successful since "success" is relative. It's a state of mind actually. I speak about this in my new book THINKING OUT LOUD. To be successful is to truly be happy with what you have achieved at your stage of development. Our life is a work in progress and most of us are always striving for improvement. And everyone has a different story and their experience is different and unique, which is why you shouldn't compare your life to anyone else's. The moment you think that you have reached where you are going and have achieved all that there is to achieve is the moment you stop growing. Success may mean different things to different people. To one person success may mean producing offspring and having a large family - a house filled with love overflowing. Yet to many others it may mean fulfilling a deeper yearning and desire/passion to do something you love - where endless time will pass by without noticing because to you it's sheer enjoyment and bliss for having found your "reason for being" or purpose in this world. 

To someone else it may mean becoming president or CEO. But we must ensure that we are chasing these dreams for the right reasons. By stepping into these roles, do you want to impact lives....make the world a better place by the decisions you make? Or do you just want to exert your influence and stature? When you think that you have reached your goal you look around and someone else is doing what you are doing and then some. Never think that you are the "big cheese" because sadly you are not...there is always someone doing more. We see this everyday with musicians and actors who live their life to make others happy....there is always a new and upcoming artiste/talent ready to steal the spotlight. As we say in trini - "after one time is two." But at the end of the day, we have to ensure that we are making ourselves happy and being the best we can be. With that said...are you living your passion....and if not what steps can we all take to make this happen or take it to the next level?


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Making a move.....Have a great Sunday....:)
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