Saturday, January 28, 2012

Make it count!!

Hello my lovelies:)
Peakes sunset image courtesy C. K. Correia

It's been a while. Just got home from a day out. Felt like I needed a time-out. After doing my errands, I decided to treat myself and I did a little bit of shopping. After that I stopped by a friend of mine who is always a good hostess:) I really need to be grateful for the little things more, for they make it all worthwhile. Yesterday morning I saw a rainbow as a I was driving to work and it always makes me smile...had to take a pic and put it up on bbm. How many things like this go unnoticed because we are too busy or too caught up in our "own little Idaho?" There are many things....while I was at the carwash the other day, I saw the most beautiful scenery outside the gas station near the ocean as some guys were playing football. Again, I put it up on messenger and in a matter of minutes persons were messaging me to find out where it was! One of my friends even went to check it out himself. Beautiful and majestic this universe is! We need to learn to appreciate it more for all it's worth!

Here are a few ways that I have learnt how:

  • Discovering that there are many different languages, countries and cultures to explore e.g. taking a Spanish class, travelling to a new place or rediscovering an old one
  • Slowing down long enough time to smell the roses literally!!

  • Discovering the beauty or a different side of people
  • Learning to appreciate music
  • Discovering different ways to express your talents
  • Being thankful for the small mercies and luxuries you are blessed with: ability to express yourself freely/live in a free country, talk, sing, dance, walk, exercise, play, go to the beach, listen to music, drive
Rainbow QPS - image courtesy C. K. Correia
Last weekend of January already! Make it count people! And remember: there's always a rainbow after the storm once you walk in faith:-)

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