Monday, January 2, 2012

Dream a little Dream....

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The Internet and the media on the whole are great places to dream. Sometimes we don’t have to leave the comfort of our home to discover a brand new world outside of our own reality. Books are also a nice escape from reality to live vicariously through the eyes of the author. 

This new year 2012, I am like a lot of people re-evaluating my goals. I remember when I had just graduated from high school and was thinking of going to college abroad, I often imagined that after school my dream was to live in a Manhattan apartment and work for a magazine! Little did I know that there was someone else with that very dream which we would later see on television years later on Sex in the City (there was no Mr. Big in my dream however and mine was minus the escapades:).

photo credit - © C.K. Correia - North Coast Trinidad
My dreams morphed from one idea to the other over the years. Later on I wanted to move to Europe and fall in love with a dreamy stranger in a romantic metropolitan city with the bright lights and magical allure having a candlelight dinner at a new and quaint spot every night. 

Of course these things did not happen and in hindsight I don’t think I missed out on much. Since then I have become older and wiser and realized that everything that glitters is not gold and I have found my own fantasy right here where I live in the Caribbean. 

I have travelled to Europe and the US and while I loved the experience, there's no place like home. Trinidad & Tobago is a lovely twin-island Republic with lovely warm (and sometimes rainy) weather and beaches 24/7. It is rich in culture and history and there are still places that I have not visited believe it or not! 

The food is FANTASTIC! and the people are warm and friendly and always up for a good lime (or party) especially at Carnival time. Of course who can forget the many public holidays like this one today and cultural festivals year round! My parents are close by and I never get home sick.  Who can ask for anything more?! 

My life is pretty comfortable and thanks to God I am living out all of my dreams right here in my little idyllic paradise. I have everything I need and it can only get better with time (knock on wood). Sounds a bit too good to be true (some of you may be shaking your heads... but I have learnt over time that in life you have to make the most of what you have and be grateful for small mercies and simple pleasures. 

Happiness is a state of mind not an acquisition of material comforts. If it was the latter then you would always be chasing the illusion and searching for happiness. When you find it...grab onto it and don't let go!

So this New Year I have many projects in store already – one of which is to record an audio book of my first publication - Thinking out Loud. And also to launch my Event Management/Broadcasting/PR/HR Company and work more closely in my field is another goal of mine. But I decided that I would not rush the future. 

Everything happens in it’s own time once you are persistent enough and that I am. I plan to savour the moments more….(we are already two days into the new year already! Can you believe it??!) and squeeze every last drop out of life. I plan to make time to do the things I enjoy but don’t get consumed by it all…and also spend time with the people I love.

I look expectantly towards the future and creating new memories. Can't wait!!

Whatever you're doing and whichever part of the globe you're at, do remember to Make it count!!!!

What are some of your dreams and goals for this year?? Feel free to post your comments.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Many, many BLESSINGS to each and everyone of you!!

Peace & Love,

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I wish to thank once again my global community for your support since I could not do any of this without you!!! :) 

 Happy reading!!!


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