Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Best and the Worst of times

A special good night to all my new visitors and also my returning visitors from Russia and the United States...thanks for welcoming me into your lives if only for a few is much appreciated! Please feel free to leave your comments on my blog.

Today was a long and rewarding day. My vacation is turning into quite a work out! I got some good news and bad news. It was nerve racking but the good news was greaT and worth the wait. I realize more and more the power of prayer as I journey through my daily challenges. God is indeed alive and present in each and everyone of us, if only we realize His potential to work in our lives and allow the miracles to happen. Sometimes we want to take the credit for the good that happens (it's only human nature) but we have to realize that we could never do it alone.

On another note, the other news I was waiting on did not turn out positively but we [I] have to find the lessons and silver lining in every situation. It's been a long journey but sooner or later the answer(s) you've been waiting on will present themselves, and by that time we should be ready for it to occur. You can't try to figure out why things did not work out the way you expected but understand that there is a Greater plan...something that is Bigger than both you and I. The waiting game is indeed excruciatingly painful at times but you have to rely on the knowledge that you are exactly where you need to be at any given moment. I can't say it is due to lack of trying in my case. If you sit around and do nothing then that's a totally different story. But if you're a go-getter then the age old expression - "what is for you, is for you" should provide some comfort. And that's it! Let it go...and wait for that #MomentOfTruth to unfold.

Sooo onto yet another story. Someone called me tonight trying to convince me of something (and don't ya just hate it when that happens??! Ohmygosh.) They were trying to convince me that you should be satisfied when things are "comfortable" and should not strive for greater heights. They told me that they don't believe in finding your passion but rather security is a higher priority! Needless to say, that conversation was deeply troubling since this is not the first time that individual has brought it up. What can I say? I guess if Steve Jobs believed that then he would have never invented the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macintosh computer etc! My word. I hate it when people try to force their beliefs on you! I don't go around telling people how to live their life!? I should think I try to inspire/motivate individuals to bring about positive change while sharing my experiences. But what can you do? No matter how hard you argue your point of view some people would never see it. With that said, the world mourns the loss of the great inventor Steve Jobs...thank you for your invaluable contributions and RIP.

To all the workaholics out there burning the midnight oil (well not quite 12 yet) hard work pays off and if your work is adding to the quality of life...then hats off to you! Someone out there appreciates you without you even knowing it! But remember to slow down long enough to smell the roses and spend time with the ones you love...cos time is something you can neVer get back...and when you're gone...the work goes on but you won't live to see the finer things in life...your replacement will. Gruesome but true. Think about it.

Have a good one...

I'll leave you with another beautiful scenery...

© image courtesy Sherry Ann Lee

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