Sunday, September 4, 2011


It’s funny how a few lines from a song or movie can trigger a memory that you once thought was buried in the recesses of your mind. Something that you probably never gave a second thought to and now suddenly you are taken back to another time and place that seems like a different lifetime altogether. It’s like you’re sitting (walking, driving) in the present moment and time stands still…I know dangerous if you’re driving or walking but you get the idea (lol). I know I’m melodramatic but let’s admit it to ourselves…it happens to all of us! No? Well then I’m probably overly sentimental. Well if you’re like me then we must find the reason and lesson for moments like these. I need to first say though that I think it’s useless pining over a lost memory since things in our life happened exactly the way they needed to. Nevertheless it does bring back possibly happy times or maybe it’s forcing us to dig deeper and deal with our emotions that are probably unresolved and can be blocking us from something else or some other place we need to get to in order to evolve.

Good for us that we still have those memories in tact. Memories of our childhood, teenaged or young adult years or maybe of a trip or the memory of the country of our birth…or a person or persons from our past. Whatever the memory; it is reminiscent of times that can’t come again but will surely form part of our consciousness forever and has shaped who we are. Every time I listen to U2 or certain songs from the 80s like “Circle in the sand” by Belinda Carlisle etc I remember my childhood: going to school on a morning (which I hated! – prob. unresolved:s) and listening to my older brother/sister’s stereo with the Casey Kasem Top 20 countdown going on! Those are indeed happy memories that has forever etched a special place in my consciousness. How strange also that I remember to this day the song that was playing on the radio on the way to my first day of “big” school (high school) which was “Back to life, back to reality” by the group Soul II Soul. Ah yes those were the days…when life was simple.

Anyhow, lucky for our generation memories can be relived sporadically through time via digitization…that simple binary code that makes photos, videos and such all possible. Memories are snapshots through time…it’s up to us to make it work for us in the future and to stay grounded in the present. In the words of Casey Kasem: “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!!” 

What are some of your favourite memories?

Do share:)

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